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Art Therapy

Art Therapy has been an innovative healing technique for over a century. The recent research of Bessel Van Der Kolk, a pioneering expert in post traumatic stress intervention, recognize its potential efficacy in managing and recovering from this debilitating condition.

The creative process is effective, due to its use of symbols and non-verbal levels of expression.

Grief, loss and aspects of the depression often benefit from processing and normalizing complex and  normal emotions of anger and hurt. Expressing symbolically one's relationship with the world can help to move forward the emotional processing, and help to make meaning of what has been experienced. 

The  art therapist can help make sense of the creative output with compassion in a non-judgmental environment.

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Introduction to Art Therapy

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Artistic proficiency isn't necessary in order to benefit from art therapy.

 All art work created within each session, whether 2D or 3D is valued and treated with respect.

A person does not need to be an artist to benefit from the technique.

Each person  who creates images or objects gives voice to things difficult to completely express only through words.

The safety of non-verbal expression assists with the vocalization of one's personal expression. Together, art therapist and client review creative output as part of the transformative process of creation. The experience is both healing and validating.

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Artist-Art Therapist

Being an artist is not a requirement of using art therapy. Yet, I saw that through using art processes, in my own work as an artist and educator, that there was a powerful access to make meaning of life's circumstances.

Art Therapy is holistic, using emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual levels of experience to give opportunities for balance.

I have over 30 years experience working in therapeutic environments with children, teens, and adults.

For the past 20 years here in Saskatchewan, I have provided community based support in various First Nations. I have worked within the Agency Chiefs Tribal Council for about 17 years and for Pelican Lake First Nation for 12 years.

My experience includes individual and group clinical work along with community crisis support, I have contributed  to wellness gatherings and conferences on topics within the field of art therapy, healing and wellness.

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Creative therapeutic activities...

bring us to opportunities to tell our stories, see them from alternative perspectives and  create changes for our future.

We are the author of our stories moving forward.

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